A CISV Picnic in Slovenia

“Here they come on the pony, riding on the big fat pony” was the first energiser our new members heard on a very sunny Sunday afternoon. Our now annual picnic is the time of the year when all the CISV Slovenia families gather together and enjoy an afternoon filled with CISV spirit.The picnic is also used as a programme presentation afternoon where we show what happened the previous summer and to promote CISV to newer members and people who may be going away in the next year. The kids played human tic-tac-toe, which is a fun running activity with a bit of team building.

Later on we invited the parents to join us for the main educational activity in which we wanted to see how values vary. We divided everyone into three age groups (11-15, 16-25, parents). Each of us had to write their values down on a piece of paper. After we wrote our values we discussed them in our age groups. Each group had to choose the two most frequent values mentioned. It was amazing to see how the youngest chose food and family, high school and university students chose health and friends, while parents all wrote honesty. After finishing the activities we talked more and shared our summer stories, and promising each other to meet up again as soon as possible.

Vega, NJR of Slovenia



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